vaginal fishy odor treatment

vaginal fishy odor treatment

vaginal fishy odor treatment

Fishy odor from vaginal discharge is often described as the semisolid substance or fluid that flows out of the opening located in the vagina. Almost all women do have vaginal discharge as this represents the body’s natural way of cleaning itself. However, if there be a change in color or an abnormal odor, there should be a cause for concern.  Additionally, another cause for concern is if this discharge causes irritation or various symptoms that you may find a bit uncomfortable. This is usually an indication that an infection may be present in your vagina.  Fem Herb works quickly as a vaginal fish odor treatment, yeast infection treatment and a leukorrhea treatment fast!

What causes vaginal fishy odor from vaginal discharge?

If there is an imbalance between the good and bad bacteria that is located within the vagina then there will be an abnormal discharge. As a result, this can lead to a bad smell, weird color or texture of the discharge. Different factors that may contribute to an abnormal discharge in the vagina includes:

  • The use of Antibiotics.

  • The use of steroids

  • The presence of bacterial vaginosis

  • The use of birth control pills.

  • Cervical Cancer.

  • STI’s such as Chlamydia or Gonorrhea.

  • If a woman has diabetes.

  • The use of lotions, scented soaps or bubble bath.

  • The developing of infections that may occur after surgery.

  • A Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID)

  • A parasite infection known as Trichomoiasis due to unprotected sex.

  • The vaginal walls thinning drying during perimenopause and menopause, a condition that is known as Vaginal atrophy.

  • Yeast infections.

  • Irritation in or around the vagina that is known as Vaginitis.



  • Discharge accompanied by itching, rashes or soreness.

  • Persistent, increased discharge.

  • Burning on skin during urination.

  • White, clumpy discharge (somewhat like cottage cheese).

  • Grey/white or yellow/green discharge with a foul odor.


Luckily there are quite a few things that can be done to prevent or fight against abnormal vaginal discharge. These include:

  • Having your new partners use a condom.

  • Leading a healthy lifestyle by getting enough rest, eating well, and consuming plenty of nutrients.

  • Keeping the area around the vagina dry and clean.

  • Wearing cotton underwear.

  • Wiping from front to back after bathroom use.

  • Avoiding deodorant pads or tampons.

  • Not using petroleum jelly or other oils as means of lubrication.  (Fem Herb solves the dryness issue)

  • Not douching.

  • Reducing harmful prescription drugs.

  • Avoiding sexual intercourse until treatment is completed and symptom disappear.

  • Not scratching the infected areas.

  • When there is an infection you should use pads rather than tampons when menstruating.

Be observant and take the necessary precautions needed to prevent unwanted abnormal vaginal discharge. Fem Herb by Vital Extracts helps with bad odor from vaginal discharge, pH imbalance, hormone balance, cramping and dryness!

For the best Vaginal Fishy Odor Treatment try Fem Herb risk free today!

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