premenopausal symptoms treatment

premenopausal symptoms treatment

PreMenopause, most commonly referred to as PeriMenopause, is a difficult transition in a woman’s life that usually presents itself around the ages of 45 and 55 but in some cases much earlier. Most woman find PreMenopause shocking because they are just expecting a normal hormonal life until they are suddenly struck with Menopause. Nothing can be further from the truth!

PreMenopause Symptoms

The onset of PreMenopause can include:
Drastic changes in their menstruation. For example, their mensturation can taper off only to experience their next months cycle lasting twice as long. One month they experience it lightly and then the next month heavier than they ever had prior.

  • Vaginal dryness, Vaginal Odor, Candida Overgrowth, Vaginal sensitivity.  Decreased Sexual desire, followed by extreme sexual desire. This can change from month to month or even      week to week.

  • Breast tenderness.

  • Mental fogginess, dizzy spells and general confusion.

All PreMenopause symptoms can also be experienced to some degree depending on the individuals diet, genetics and general health.

The Emotional Side of PreMenopause

During this period there is a drop in estrogen and this has a major and direct effect on hormones, mood and a general sense of wellbeing. Commonly women reach the age of PreMenopause during the same time that many life transitions take place, for example; kids moving out, going to college or even getting married. Other transitions can include a career change, a recent divorce or a death of parent or loved one. Dealing with life-changes in general is hard enough without sleep disturbances, a lack of energy and low libido and a fluctuating menstrual cycle. The most common feeling for women hitting PreMenopause is a feeling of loosing control!

What PreMenopauseal symptoms treatment to avoid

It is our view at Vital Extracts that birth-control should be avoided due to the medical risks, in fact when it is broken down birth-control in the form of “the pill” works much the same as male steroid use, breast cancer and ovarian cancer have also been linked to this form of synthetic hormone induction / reduction.


Too much fast food in general is a bad idea, but women in PreMenopause should pay extra attention to foods that cause water retention and hormone imbalance. Some of the foods include French fries, hamburgers, some salad dressings, and foods high in sugar including baked goods. Many snack foods including potato chips high in saturated fat, candy bars and soft drinks should also be avoided. Consuming high amounts of alcohol is also a bad idea. “Women who have 2 to 5 drinks a day have 1.5 times the risk for breast cancer as those who don’t drink at all do, and heavy drinking also can increase your risk for cardiovascular disease.” (North American Menopause Society)

Sex and PreMenopause

Although most women do not report a major change in libido during PreMenopause, many women are affected by vaginal dryness as a result of a decline in estrogen. Many women find that this stage of their lives is the best sexually with the help of natural herbal products that balance out PreMenopause.  For the best PreMenopausal Symptoms Treatment try Fem Herb Today!

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