Perimenopause symptoms treatment

perimenopause symptoms treatment

Perimenopause symptoms treatment

Women who are in their 40s (or sooner) may start to experience symptoms related to perimenopause, which is a phase in their life that lasts anywhere from two to 10 years before they officially enter menopause. A general search of “perimenopause symptom treatment” is increasing every month as a relatively new term that just came about in the last 20 years, not many women know what to expect when they enter perimenopause.


During this time period, a woman may experience a number of symptoms that will lead her to believe she is in perimenopause, but since there are so many broad symptoms, many women are confused as to what they should be experiencing the moment they enter perimenopause. And since symptoms will range from woman to woman, no two will experience quite the same range of symptoms.

perimenopause symptoms treatment

Generally, a woman going through perimenopause might experience symptoms such as:

Irregular periods: Woman may notice a change in their menstrual cycle, often missing periods for a month or two. They may also be shorter or much heavier than usual.

Headaches or migraines: Some women might notice that they are getting more headaches or migraines than normal, especially when they are due for their period.

Fatigue: Some might feel more fatigue than usual and it can often get in the way of leading a normal life. The persistent feeling of tiredness or sluggishness will not let them do things they’re normally accustomed to.

Insomnia: Women can either have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, often waking up multiple times during the night.

Night sweats: Some women report waking up at night in a pool of sweat a few days before they have their period.

Frequent urination: Having to always go to the restroom to urinate can be a sign of perimenopause.

Acne: Women of a certain age have complained of dealing with acne – something they haven’t experienced since adolescence.

Hot flashes: Many women usually experience hot flashes throughout the day, even when the weather is cool outside.

Weight gain: Extra pounds could mean a woman is entering perimenopause, especially if she is gaining weight in her belly area.

Low sex drive: Some women complain of a low or decreased sex drive, in addition to vaginal dryness.


PeriMenopause can last for years, during this phase some women can experience some frustration and mild symptoms of Menopause, while other woman are flooded with Menopausal symptoms.  Fem Herb has a unique blend of herbal compounds to bring fast relief to all of the symptoms of perimenopause, try Fem Herb today!


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