menopause vaginal dryness treatment

menopause vaginal dryness treatment

menopause vaginal dryness treatment

Menopause Dryness is a very big symptom of Menopause, PreMenopause and PeriMenopause; in fact a resent study shows that nearly 14 million women struggle with it.  This is no cause for alarm, however this can be uncomfortable and downright frustrating especially in the area of sex!   There are many natural options to overcome menopause dryness; some can be experienced within just days.   Fem Herb works in days as a menopause vaginal dryness treatment!


Estrogen levels start to drop in the PreMenopause / PeriMenopause stage and can drop drastically into Menopause.  This is a normal transition and should be embraced, with the right natural herbal extracts menopause symptoms do not need to control your life.


As estrogen naturally decreases vaginal lubrication decreases along with it, as well as a thinning of the walls of the vagina.   PH levels begin to change and vaginal odor can start to occur, as a result vaginal itching can also occur.



Cigarette smoking has been known to decrease healthy levels of estrogen, kicking this habit can help in balancing natural estrogen.  Foods high in sugar, saturated fat and many grains can contribute in cortisol overload.

Hormone and other Drug Therapy

Vaginal crèmes and lubricants can work well as a temporary solution but are only effective when applied; they do not solve the problem.  Hormone therapy also works well but there are some serious side effects to be aware of including gaining weight, water retention, migraines, strokes, blood clots and various types of cancer.

Natural menopause vaginal dryness treatment

Fenugreek is a well-known herb that lubricates the vagina with phytoestrogen power!   Fem Herb from Vital Extracts contains a powerful combination of herbal extracts to support female health and balance including: Turmeric for inflammation, Black Cardamom for vaginal odor, Fenugreek for vaginal dryness, and two other herbs for tightening the walls of the vagina and hormone balance.   Fem Herb is recommended for PreMenopause / PeriMenopause.

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