menopause bloating treatment

Menopause bloating treatment

Women experience a myriad of symptoms during menopause and bloating is just one of many. Many know of hot flashes, fatigue and mood swings as prominent symptoms of menopause, but many don’t realize that bloating is also something that many women during this phase also experience. And like the other symptoms, bloating during menopause can be very uncomfortable, especially when it happens all the time. Women experiencing menopause bloating have to thank extra gas in their digestive system for the discomfort.


Bloating is when you fight a tight feeling in your stomach or abdominal area or a feeling of fullness. It’s generally caused by extra gas that is in one’s intestine, which leads to a water retention. Menopause and bloating is nothing different than being bloated during other times, but women in menopause are more susceptible to it because of their hormonal imbalance (the fluctuating of levels of progesterone and estrogen). Like any other menopause symptom, bloating can differentiate from woman to woman and can be more severe in some cases.

In addition to a bloated feeling in their abdomen, some may also experience fatigue and even have trouble breathing. And if bloating is accompanied by symptoms like bloody stools, constipation, chest pain, vomiting or diarrhea, it may indicate a serious problem.

menopause bloating treatment


A woman could HELP manage her menopause bloating with lifestyle adjustments, including the way she eats and drinks. To stop eating foods that may cause bloating, it’s recommended for a woman to keep a diary so that when bloating happens, they’ll be able to indicate what foods affected them. Also, stay away from foods that are known to cause bloating, such as processed foods that are high in salt, beans and cabbage. Also, eating too quickly and chewing gum can bring on bloating, so its advised to be aware of one’s eating habits.

It’s also recommended that a woman work out at least 30 minutes a day to improve not only their gastrointestinal health, but also their mental and physical health. Using relaxation techniques to reduce stress can also help with bloating and allow a woman’s intestines to work more effectively to minimize bloating.

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