feminine itching treatment

feminine itching treatment

Feminine itching treatment

Feminine itch is caused by several reasons, including yeast infections, bacterial infections, allergies, and several other influences within the body. Home remedies can work for minor itching but for prolonged vaginal itching and pain, something more powerful is needed as a feminine itching treatment to cure the root-issues.

There are several products in the drug store to ease the symptoms of feminine itching, but they come with many side effects and can be harmful to your immune system.

If you are wanting to go along the more natural route, there are lots of home remedies out there. We recommend Fem Herb by Vital Extracts, with 5 natural herbal extracted compounds.  Fem Herb not only deals with feminine itching but also deals with odor, leukorrhea, PMS and even tightens the vagina significantly!

feminine itching treatment

Home Remedies for Vaginal Itching

Drink lots of water to maintain a good hydration balance within your body. Water has tons of benefits and one of those is making the body healthier, which can help you fight off fungal and bacterial infections everywhere.

Keep your hygiene routine maintained and avoid irritants. Use cleansers designed for the feminine area, such as feminine washes, and make sure that you are take a shower or bath at least once a day, along with only having protected sex to prevent the spread of disease and infections from sexual partners to you.

Changing your underwear a couple times to a day to keep the feminine area clean is a great way to prevent infections or the area from becoming to moist and warm. During active infections, the vaginal discharge may be more than normal, so changing your underwear several times a day or wearing a light panty liner that you can change often might be a good idea. Only wear cotton or breathable underwear and avoid the use of panty hose or wearing clothes that are tight fitting.

Avoiding hot tubs and hot baths as they can also promote the growth of fungal and bacterial infections in the feminine area. Taking baths with warm water is acceptable, but don’t soak to long in the water.

Applying a cool compress or cool wash clothes to the feminine area can relieve the symptoms temporarily and should be used as needed.

Making sure to change any wet or sweaty clothing can also prevent the area from becoming too wet or warm. Never hang around in your gym clothes for the rest of the day after working out or not wash off after going to the gym.

A few products that can cause vaginal itching include spermicidal gel, bubble bath, tampons, and sanitary pads. Most of them are scented or contain a chemical irritant. Make sure any products that you are buying, such as tampons or pads, are unscented and as plain as possible for sensitive skin.

For fast and natural feminine itching treatment, try Fem Herb risk free today!

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