Leukorrhea no smell quick review

Have you noticed a clear and watery discharge? Are you worried that your discharge isn’t normal discharge?

Women around the world go through cycles of different types of discharge. Some of it is perfectly normal during ovulation and poses no risk to your health. Other kinds of discharge hint at a more serious reproductive issue. Leukorrhea sits somewhere in the middle.

Leukorrhea is unique in that it can be odorless or it may come with a foul smell—your body makes that decision. If you’re experiencing creamy cervical mucus or sticky vaginal discharge, you could be suffering from Leukorrhea.

Leukorrhea is characterized by discharge that can be consider ‘normal’ in most scenarios. However, the difference lies in the accompanying symptoms which can include itching and burning. Leukorrhea is a buildup of yeast bacteria in the vagina which leads to these unpleasant side effects.

Take action against leukorrhea build up by opting for healthy herbs that can guarantee your odorless sticky vaginal discharge stays harmless.