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Turmeric Benefits for Women

Turmeric is one of the most potent and important herbs in Ayurveda medicine thanks to its powerful anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, anti-cancer properties. However, its power to combat the negative effects of PMS is incomparable to any other herb available. As a ‘golden herb’, Turmeric can directly reverse the side-effects of PMS including anxiety, irritability and much more.

One of the biggest complaints of PMS is the intensity of pain that comes with it. Turmeric’s antispasmodic action can ease the pain of menstrual cramps and can make the process less traumatic. While over-the-counter medications such as ibuprofen or Tylenol are available to treat PMS pain, they carry serious risks and shouldn’t be taken on a regular basis. Turmeric is a natural choice that reduces the risks.
Studies in Thailand proved that turmeric contains curcuminoids which have a relaxing effect on the uterine contractions that come along with PMS. They did this by smoothing the muscles of the uterus. Similarly, back pain and body aches are also common side-effects of PMS and turmeric powder can quickly and easily alleviate this symptom. Additionally, turmeric is also a strong anti-inflammatory agent that fights pain without adverse effects.

As women go through their cycle, an imbalance in hormones begins to take place. These primary hormones are progesterone and estrogen, and they lead to a buildup of the uterine lining. To combat this, some physicians will prescribe ibuprofen to prevent excess uterine blood flow. Turmeric works in virtually the same way as these non-steroidal medications, minus the side-effects. It is believed that turmeric inhibits the chemicals that cause uterine contractions and inflammation, which is why they prove beneficial for women who are pmsing.

Additional Turmeric Benefits for Women
In addition to preventing pms pain and reducing the effect of anxiety, turmeric can also prevent high blood pressure, promote overall improved health, lower cholesterol levels, ward off cancer and possibly treat Alzheimer disease.