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Fenugreek Benefits for Women
One of the most well-documented uses for Fenugreek benefits for women  is treating diabetes and high blood glucose levels. In studies with animals, this powerful herb was proven to slow down digestion and the absorption of blood sugar while influencing the release of insulin. Additionally, fenugreek has shown to increase libido and reproductive disorders, and even menstrual pain as well as Leukorrhea. Digestive problems, kidney ailments, bronchitis, mouth ulcers and blisters are also treated with fenugreek. Inflammation and cardiovascular ailments have also shown promise with fenugreek. Other similar conditions such as gout, chapped lips, coughs and baldness react positively with fenugreek as well.
One of the reasons that fenugreek is used by healthy individuals is to increase libido and sex drive. Men who use the herb can reverse the symptoms of erectile dysfunction as well as baldness. While women benefit from an increase in sex drive.
All of these conditions have shown promise when treated with this herb. However, the primary conditions that fenugreek has been studied to treat include arthritis, digestive conditions, asthma, reproductive conditions, and of course breast enhancement.